Spark Free Refrigerator/Freezer

جزئیات عمومی

Explosion Proof Interior

SF series freezers feature standard interior design,
door frame, and drawer. FL series freezers feature
antistatic interior design, door frame, and drawer. All
metal parts are grounded reliably and interior design
is explosion proof. Certificates include China
anti-explosion proof and EU explosion proof ATEX II

HC System to save energy

·Imported hydrocarbon compressor, and
hydrocarbon refrigerants complete a true green,
environmentally safe refrigeration system
·Cyclo-isopentane polyurethane foam insulation
meets EU ROHS directive for a green and safe
·Optimized hydrocarbon refrigeration system
design ensures a more energy efficient operation

Excellent temperature uniformity

Cold shelve evaporator design allows a faster cool
down, and more uniform temperature distribution,
typically ±4°C

Low noise

Unique structural design and system emits only 40
dba in sound level, eliminating unhealthy high pitch